A Trip to the Staten Island Zoo

We got there ten minutes before it opened, and I recommend this, since by the time we left at 3pm, the place was crowded!  For the first hour or two, there wasn't many people at all, and we even got to the snack bar right before the big crowd, at around noon.

The zoo is a nice size, and there is a petting zoo for the kids.  Beware of the droppings on the ground, there are peacocks and various other birds that roam free.  We hit the reptile house, and there were many snakes to see.   It was like playing where's Waldo trying to find them!  There are two Clydesdale horses, lots of goats, donkeys, llamas, and ducks. (and more!)

The best part of the day was sitting in front of the otter habitat, just resting, and the otters had been asleep for some time.  One of the zookeepers came up and called one of them.  She actually woke up and poked her head out of the little house they were sleeping in!!  It was so cute.  All in all a really great day, the food was not hte best, though, burgers were ok, but the chicken sandwich was tiny!  I spent $18 for the three of us to get in.  It is $8 for adults and $5 for kids 14 and under.  The link to the zoo is here.

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  1. Great photos! Totally diggin' the tip about getting there early!