Key to the City

We got a key to the city yesterday, and it only took an hour.  We got to wait in line, talking to the people in front of us, and the people behind us, which I think is part of the point of this public art project.  Now that I have a key, it will open 24 different locks around the city, in all 5 boroughs:

If you have the chance, I highly recommend getting one of these keys.  The last day the keys will be given out is tomorrow, 12 to 8pm, but the line is capped at 6pm.  I got there Friday at 2pm, when they opened, and only had a small wait, and it went quick because everyone on the line was talkative and in a good mood.

Most of the locks can be opened through Labor Day.


  1. That is quite possibly the coolest thing that I have ever heard of! Neat!