The World's Largest Dinosaurs

are now at the American Museum of Natural History.  Wow, are they big! My daughter and I went on Thursday, when the rest of the world apparently also wanted to go.  As soon as we got in there, the temperature rose about 15 degrees.  The place was packed!  There were no tickets available for the exhibit, or for the Brain exhibit either.  So we got tickets for Monday, and went across the street to the Dianna Ross playground in Central Park for about 1 1/2 hours.  Monday we headed back, fully expecting the crowds again, but we were pleasantly surprised.  We showed up around 11:30 or 12, and it was not empty, but a lot less crowded than last Thursday.  We saw the dino exhibit, which was really cool, we walked through and got to see a movie projected on the stomach of the dinosaur, and it explained all about the breathing, and digestion, and reproduction of the animal.  After that there was an area for the kids to get tools and actually dig and excavate bones.  It was mostly for younger kids, but I have to say my 10 year old did NOT want to go after 15 minutes. Gizmodo has a really neat looking video about putting together the exhibit.  You can follow the @Giant_Dino on Twitter, too! Here are some other reviews, along with a video at the end that was really interesting. I found a really kid friendly page from AMNH too.  We also went to the other "usual dinosaurs".  The ones that are always there, there dinos are my daughter's favorites.  If you have been here, please leave a comment, or if you are planning a trip here soon!

Such a beautiful day for the museum.  We also went back to the park for a bit.  The museum is really easy to get to.  You can take a cab to 81st at Central Park West, or the subway takes you right to the basement, which comes in handy for rainy days, you never have to get out of the subway and into the rain.  You can take the B (only on the weekdays!) or the C to 81st Street.  If you are in midtown, make sure you get the uptown B or C.

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