Finally had a nice day...

It was beautiful in Brooklyn today, so my youngest and I headed out to get some tickets for Andrea Bocelli's Concert at Central Park which is September 15th.

We managed to get there, and there was only one person ahead of us, no line or anything.  I was fully expecting to have to wait for 1/2 hour for these things, since it is a free concert.  Sadly, they are sold out now except for Queens, and today was the first day, so the Queens ones will go fast, I'm sure.  You can see here if they are still available.

We picked up the tickets in Brooklyn, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music theater.  The building itself is amazing, so I stopped and took a few pictures.  The detail and the color are just breathtaking!!  The Theater is at 30 Lafayette Street, right by the Atlantic Pacific subway stop, where a lot of the lines intersect.

 We also visited the Highline, section 2 today, but I will save that one for another post!!  Have a great day!

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