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So, you know the TV Audiences tab up there ^^^ in the middle of the tabs?

I emailed a bunch of the shows to see about getting into the audience.  I'm not even sure which ones I emailed.  Live with Kelly called about a week 1/2 ago, and said I had a choice of times.

My kids and I went to a taping yesterday.  We had a really fun time!!  Our day started at 5:30, since we had to be there by 8.  We only waited on line for about 1/2 hour, and we managed to sit on the balcony, on the right side (if you are on the stage looking at the audience).  We were there for the live taping of yesterday's show, with Channing Tatum and Carly Rae Jepsen, and I found these online today... 

 Michael Strahan, in the theme of talking about the stripper movie coming out today, did a little striptease that Kelly knew NOTHING about, as she commented later that they should warn a girl, since she could have lost an eye.  They have a great time on set.

Then they asked us if we wanted to stay for the taping of tomorrows show.

  Not knowing who was going to be on, we still agreed to stay, as did most of the audience.  The people that left were replaced with people waiting on line, and then Friday's show was taped.  Matthew McConaughey was one of the segments taped.  They did the trivia question, and the woman answered the question correctly, and picked my number, so I won a $500 small appliance package.  Not really sure exactly what that is, but I will keep you posted. 

 Then they taped a segment to be aired in August, and it turned out to be Bradley Cooper!  My kids and I had a really good time, and my 12 year old and I have vowed to try and go to more show tapings this summer...Unfortunately most of them are 16 and older.  We are trying to get in to Martha Stewart, and Rachel Ray, but Rachel doesn't start until September, and Martha's website is funky and hard to maneuver.

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  1. Jen, how fun!! That is awesome. I love love Kelly, she just seems like a really genuine person and good Mom.

    And a prize package to boot!!