New York Public Library

 I visited the New York Public Library's main branch the other day at 5th Avenue and 42nd Street... and this is Fortitude, the one on the right.  Patience is the one on the left.  They were so nicknamed by mayor Fiorello LaGuardia during the Great Depression to inspire residents of New York City.  I never knew the basis of the nicknames until researching for this piece.  I visited on a Friday afternoon, and it was not too crowded.  At the front of the library, people were taking pictures, and some were sitting and having lunch.  The lions were very popular.

Just inside the library, there were 2 Lego lions, which were really cool and almost as popular as their outside counterparts.

 Up on the third floor is the Rose Main Reading Room.  There is a quiet side and a regular side, both have computers and wifi access.  The beautiful, huge rooms really took my breath away.   The chandeliers look very familiar, and remind me of the ones hanging in Grand Central Terminal.

There are a few more pictures at Unseen NYC's Facebook page.

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