68 years ago today, this iconic picture was taken

The Original Iwo Jima Monument went up for auction yesterday.  It was sculpted in Washington D.C. from June to September in 1945 by Felix de Weldon, based on a photograph by Joe Rosenthal of the 2nd flag raising at Mount Suribachi.

Joe Rosenthal picture

 It is 20 feet tall with the flag, and was taken on February 23, 1945.  It is the second flag raising, since the first flag raised was too small, and so it was done a second time, with Joe Rosenthal capturing it on film.  The first flag raising was caught on film also, but the camera was lost in the ensuing battle.

The original mold is on Marine Military Academy, a private college prep academy in Harlington Texas.  The men depicted in the sculpture are PFC Franklin Sousley (USMC), Cpl Harlon Beck (USMC), Sgt Michael Strank (USMC), PFC Rene Gagnon (USMC) , PFC Ira Hayes (USMC) , PM2 John Bradley (USN). The first 3 men died, and the last 3 men survived.

The statue is cast stone over a steel skeleton welded to a steel base.  The monument is finished with a bronzed lacquered layer.

One of the memorial statues just went up for auction at Bonham's yesterday. I'm not entirely sure what its status is, since the Huffington Post says it did not sell, but the Bonhams Auction website Says it DID sell.  I am still looking into it and will update when I know more.

UPDATE: Bonham's website says it did NOT sell.

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  1. So cool! Could you imagine having this piece of history in your living room?! Thanks for sharing!:-)