La Traviata at The Met

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from here

        I had the amazing opportunity to go to the dress rehearsal at the Metropolitan Opera of La Traviata.  My very first live opera and I heard I would either love it, or hate it, but learn to appreciate it.  I am happy to report, I love it. 

           The opera stars Pitor Beczala as Antonio, Dianna Damrau as Violetta, and Placido Domingo as Giorgio, Antonio's father.  Domingo has played Antonio in the past, and this is the first time he is playing the part of the father.

           I got goosebumps, and at the end I was in tears.  The best part about this was the little panel in the front of each chair, which translates the opera for you if you want.  It was very helpful, but I would have been able to loosely follow, since I looked up the story ahead of time to get the general idea of the story.

          The following pictures are the ones I took after the show on Monday afternoon.  The information about the operas, and their showtimes is here. Also, more photos will be on the Facebook page here.


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