FDR's Four Freedoms Park

I went yesterday, it was the perfect weather for something outdoors. I took the subway, and walked down to the southern tip of Roosevelt Island. There were lots of cherry blossom trees along the way, and beautiful views of Manhattan the whole way down.

This is a picture taken between the pieces of marble.  It is about an inch apart, and behind it is the Pepsi~Cola sign, in Queens, seen in full below.

A view looking south, with the UN building on the right

The Silver Cup Studio sign

The 59th Street Bridge, which connects Manhattan and Queens.

It is a really nice memorial that has been 40 years in the making. The architect for this is Louis I. Kahn, and it was his last work before his death in 1974. After Kahn's death, his designs were continued by Mitchell Giurgola Architects, which kept the main design the same.

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