Life Underground...

Life Underground is an art installation by Tom Otterness, and it is at the 14th Street/8th Avenue Subway station, accessible by the A,C, or E trains, and the L train.  The multiple little (and bigger) bronze statues are all over the 2 different platforms, and up between the platform and the street. There are rumored to be over 100 of them total, so I sent out an email to him to ask if he knew about how many. In the reply, he said he remembered something like 130. He also said it depended on how you counted them, I know there are some groups of statues that might have been counted as one piece.
He has numerous other pieces around NYC, and also other cities, and countries. You can learn more about all of them here.

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  1. Love these little guys! Glad to know the history of them, thanks for sharing!:-)