Trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

This picture is from the website.  The trees were not blooming like this last week, so this week thru May is the time to go, I'm thinking of going next Tuesday....

We went on Tuesday, when it was free.  We left our place around 9:45 and got there around 10:15, or 10:30.  We had a little surprise coming up out of the subway.  A drizzle of rain!  What was this?!?  There was no rain in the forecast!!  We went over by the fountain in front of the Brooklyn Museum to hang out until the rain stopped.  I figured if this wasn't in the forecast, it was just a passing shower.  Thank goodness I was right.  I was expecting the gardens to be crowded, and at first it was not, but even when it DID get crowded, it was never a problem, because pretty much everyone was in a great mood, very friendly and helpful in some cases.

We went in at the entrance next to the Brooklyn Museum (the Eastern Parkway Entrance) and walked down the Osborne Garden taking a left at the end, and ended up at the overlook, which overlooks the Cherry Walk and Cherry Esplanade, fully expecting to see the beautiful blooms.  Boy was I wrong!  Nothing was blooming.  There.  But once we got to the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, The sight literally took my breath away.  We spent about 1/2 hour walking the perimeter of this beautiful garden, taking lots of pictures, and just taking in the wonderful day.

We came back to sit at the Cherry Walk so I could sit and rest and the girls ran around and played a game of tag.  There were people sitting in the grass, people posing for the camera and taking pictures, and little kids running around, and everyone was having a great time.  We started to get hungry so we headed towards the Daffodil Hill and Magnolia Plaza, then to the right towards the cafe.  It was 12:30, so there was a huge line and no place to sit, so we went out the administrative entrance and walked 1/2 block to the right and there was a deli/supermarket.

 We got lunch for the three of us for $10, not a nutritious one, but that's ok once in a while.  We went back up to the fountain in front of the Brooklyn Museum, and had lunch, and the girls frolicked at the fountain, and we spent about 1/2 hours there.  They got some sun, and had a blast!  The funniest thing was watching the kids get used to the water only coming up about a foot, then saying higher, higher!  Then all of the sudden, after lulling the kids into the smaller spurts of water, streams shoot 30 feet in the air.

So all in all, a great visit, and we still did not see 1/2 of the Gardens!  So another Tuesday trip will be happening in June or July, once they are out of school.

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