Friday 4/23 The High Line

I visited the High Line today, and it was a beautiful day to go!  I left at around 9:30, and got there about an hour later.  I went up the stairs at the 14th Street entrance by Ganesvoort Street, and just walked, and took pictures.  The view of the city from the elevated platform was interesting, because you can't see many of the "recognized" skyscrapers.

This is in the meatpacking District, and walking the High Line, it will put you out around 20th street which is in Chelsea.  After walking most of the park, I sat at a bench and observed the people, and found that it was easy to pick out the tourists from the people who lived there.  The tourists were the ones walking and taking pictures, and the locals were jogging, reading, working on sketches, meeting friends for lunch, and so on.  So I was both a tourist, walking and having my camera out, and a local, because after I sat down, I pulled out a book to read, and managed to sit reading for about an hour, until a mom and her 2 loud kids came by, and I could not concentrate anymore.

When I first got to the High Line, I was disappointed, because I would not be able to get any good shots.  Then I realized that there are plenty of great shots, just not like I had envisioned.  This is the city, and there is broken windows, and cars parked everywhere, and the neighborhood is alot of warehouses.  I looked past all that, and saw the beauty in the green grass and trees and flowers.

 After going down the steps at 20th Street, I walked back towards 14th Street on Ninth Avenue, passing Gotham Pizza, at 144 Ninth Avenue, at the corner of 19th Street.  I got the lunch special, 2 plain slices and a can of soda for $5.  Really good pizza.  Then on to the subway at 16th and 8th, and home.  All in all, a really nice find, but I think I will pair it with something else in the Chelsea area, since it seems silly to go just there. Maybe the Chelsea Market?

There are more pictures at the Unseen NYC Facebook page, just click on the photo tab.

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