My Visit to Roosevelt Island 4/27

It started out as a drizzly, cold day.  It got better and  a little warmer and the rain did eventually stop.  I got off of the F Train in R.I. and thankfully the escalators were working.  I could not believe how far down the train was! 2 loooong escalators, and one regular sized one later, I was above ground, and headed north.  The island is about 2 miles long, and I did not walk the whole thing.  I went as far north as The Octagon Apartments, which used to be the New York City Lunatic Asylum.  In visiting their website, they gloss over that little detail.  Then I walked south on the western side of the island, on the Manhattan side and got a few good pictures.

This is but a small percentage of the pictures I took, the rest are on the Facebook page, just click on the apple.  I stopped about 1/2 way and sat down and had my lunch.  I packed a sandwich, and I soon had 3 pigeons who were my BFF's, wanting some bread.  After 10 minutes, I started walking again, taking pictures along the way.  I ended up walking all the way down to Coler Goldwater Hospital, and was going to check out Renwick Ruins, but it looked like there was construction going on, and I did not want to get thrown out.  So I sat and got a few pictures of the Chrysler Building, my absolute favorite building in NYC. Notice the sun is now out...

I headed back to the subway station with a promise of coming back later when I know the southern area is OK to walk around.  I wouldn't mind living here, it definitely has a small town feel, and it's 1 or 2 stops from midtown Manhattan.

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  1. I loved living there. We had our first child while living on Roosevelt Island. It was a great experience. Every morning we would get our free coffee from the lobby in Manhattan Park apartments and take the baby out in her stroller while we drank coffee and sat on the riverwalk watching the boats go by. I will always associate the sound of birds with those early a.m. hours with a new baby listening to birds from our terrace.