Museum of Modern Art

This museum is the most amazing museum, with so much to see, and laid out very well.  We went to the 5th floor, and worked our way down, seeing the 5th, 4th and 3rd floors before getting tired, which just means having to go again. (darn!)  I took over 100 pictures, but only put up 20 here, and will post my 3 faves here.
We went about the time is opened, and it was just starting to get a little crowded.  We waited in line for maybe 5 minutes before getting our tickets.  We started in the sculpture Garden, and then upstairs, and worked our way down, since they have escalators, it worked out well.  We saw a lot of Picassos, and some modern art that left me going "Huh?".  I am so going here again, I would spend the money on a membership here.

This was the first of many Picassos.  We took pics of a lot, but I accidentally deleted them, so now I have another reason to go back.

This was in the mirror in the ladies room, and I had to get it.  They also had Dyson hand dryers, awesome!!

This is a collage of framed pics, all hanging from a separate string, it was huge!!

A really great day, we were going to go to Rockerfeller Center, but never got there because of a parade on 5th Avenue.  Too many up will be Fleet Week, the ships coming in!!!

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