American Museum of Natural History

     This is the first attraction I have been to since starting Unseen NYC that was "touristy" and I could tell the difference.  There were classes there on field trips, many foreign tourists, and overall, seemed more crowded on this weekday than a weekend, which is when my family and I normally go. 
     That being said, I had a great time, once I got used to the crowds of children taking pictures everywhere.  I actually got to see stuff *I* wanted to see, like the meteorites and the Hall of Minerals.  I took the floor plan, and X'ed off where I went on Tuesday, so the next time I go by myself, and there will be a next time, I can make sure to hit something I have not seen yet.

This whale is very popular with the kids, and iconic.  This is also where the kids who sign up for a Night at the Museum end up sleeping.  A great idea for a birthday party or a girl/boy scout trip.

 This is one of my favorite parts of the museum, that is a slice of a tree.  The size is amazing, there is a woman standing to the left of the tree for a reference.

 The exhibit I was there to see was the Silk Road exhibit. (The link may take a little time to load, but it is a good one.)  Really cool!!  It takes you on the journey from Xi'an to Baghdad, with stops at Turfan and Samarkand in between.  The kids were loving it too, there were camels (stuffed) and silkworms (live).  A must see, I can't wait to bring the kids to see it.  I managed to snap this picture before I realized I wasn't supposed to.  Oops!
You can never go wrong with AMNH, rainy day or sunny, winter or summer.  It IS a little pricey.  For my whole family of 4, it would be $50 if we did not have the membership, which is only $115 for the whole year.  So worth it in our case!!  For the rest of my pictures, please visit here.  While you're at Facebook, become a fan if you are not already, and suggest us to your friends and family!!

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  1. it hasbeen years since we went to the museums in washington dc. the americal museum of natural history looks like a really great place to see. maybe someday...