Museum Monday

This is the view from the Smith~9th Street Subway station, a really nice one of Manhattan.  I was on my way home from visiting a friend at work.  I was supposed to transfer to the R, but got off a stop too early, and had to wait another 5 minutes for the other G.

This is at the Harbor Defense Museum in Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, right by the Verrazano Bridge.  Literally, next to the bridge.   There was a nice tour of the little museum, and they explained about the fort and some of the other forts in the area.  They showed some Mail Call videos about the musket and the disappearing cannon.  Really cool stuff.

This is the view we had while we sat to have our lunch.  I have always loved this bridge and love to take pictures of it. 

By the way, this museum is free, in case you were wondering.  But we only spent maybe 2 hours there.  Information can be found here

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