Inside the Brain at the American Museum of Natural History

I went to the Brain exhibit this past Tuesday, and it was really cool.  Since I am a member, it was free, but at the AMNH website it says that admission plus the Brain exhibit would be $24.00. This page explains about the exhibit, and how long it will be there, but you really have to experience it for yourself.  As soon as you walk in, there are "firing neurons" above you hanging from the ceiling.  Be careful where you step, because the lights from the display will shine you in the eye, and it is a bright light.  There are lots of brain teaser games, and lots of interactive stuff to do.  There is a game on a screen where you look at a bird and have to pick out the same bird, but they flash it so fast it is hard to see.  There is also a voice language experiment, and a spot where you can take the brain apart and put it back together again.  At the end of the exhibit is the gift shop, with more puzzles, and the usual mugs, t-shirts and magnets.  I got a magnet, as always. This link tells all about the exhibit, and you can find out about other exhibits, too.  From the AMNH Website:

“I see this exhibition as a coming-out party for the 21st-century brain,” says lead exhibition curator Rob DeSalle, a curator in the Museum's Division of Invertebrate Zoology who conducts research at the Sackler Institute for Comparative Genomics. “I think visitors will be fascinated with the complexity of their brains. Brains change with every bit of information that is taken in, and the stimulating information and stunning exhibitry of this exhibition will engage the brains of every visitor.”


Very fun, and very informative!  A must see...

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