18 Miles of books....

     My daughters and I went to The Strand yesterday, and had a great time.  This bookstore is different than your usual Barnes and Noble, it's cheaper, but there is no Cafe, and maybe 3 seats in the entire store.  But it is my new favorite place ever.
     The first floor is the most crowded, because most people just want to go to say they have been there.  We went back to the "Ask Us" desk and got a map.  We found out that the children's books were on the second floor, and the writing help books were in the basement.   I also found the latest NFT 2011 for New York City.  I figured it will come in handy in my travels for this website.
     The employees were all very friendly, and even though it was busy, they were not hurried or in a rush, and that made me feel very comfortable!  I will be going here from now on, no more Barnes and Noble for me.  The store is located a block away from Union Square, and there is so much other stuff going on, there is to much to mention.  So worth the trip from midtown.

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