Life Underground by Tom Otterness

For this post, I decided to make my destination one a little unusual.  It's actually a place that many people pass every day without even realizing it.  It's the 14th Street/8th Avenue subway station.  Most people are in a rush to get to their destination, but this WAS my destination.  It was hard to get pictures since everyone else was bent on getting where they needed to be. There is so much more that I was not able to get a shot of.  There are more pics here though.

Tom Otterness is known for his sculptures.  He has one on the west side of Roosevelt Island, in the water, that I saw when I went there last April, and talked about about previously.  These are my pictures from last April:

It makes more sense if you see them the way they are in the river.  The sculpture with the 2 is in the middle, and the separate ones are on either side.

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