A tour of the Brooklyn Brewery

I'm not the world's biggest beer fan.  So when I found out that the Brooklyn Brewery offers free tours of the facility, I dispatched my roving reporter (my husband) to take the tour and sample the product.  His report:

The brewery is on North 11th Street, in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.  It's pretty easy to get to via the L train, Bedford Avenue station.  The brewery is the bright yellow building on the right side of the street.  Follow the smell of beer and you can't go wrong.  The tour itself was informative and a lot of fun, if a bit short.  The brewery is expanding right now, so there are areas of the facility that aren't open for the tours.  When you come out for the tour, spend a half an hour or so sampling what's on tap.  There are the favorites, Brooklyn Lager and Brown Ale, as well as seasonal beers and Brewmaster's reserve.  I can happily report that the Black Chocolate Stout is very good, if a bit on the potent side.

If you're a beer fan, it's definitely worth the trip out to Williamsburg to check out on of the best craft breweries on the East Coast.  The link to their website can be found here .

Some pictures my roving reporter snapped on the tour:


  1. I'm not a fan of beer, but this looks like a lot of fun. I can imagine a beer drinker really enjoying this.

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