Free NYC

I spent the morning at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, on a free tour.  I had to make it about a month or so in advance, but it was worth it. The tour itself was about 1 hour, and I got to go down to where they keep the gold bars.  A really informative tour!  Afterwords I was able to check out the museum at my own pace, and there were some really interesting displays.  After I left the bank, where unfortunately I was not able to take any pictures, I walked down to the South Street Seaport and got 2 hot dogs and sat and rested a bit.  This was my view:

After this I went to the Staten Island Ferry and took it to Staten Island to get some photos of the Statue of Liberty.  While I had a great view, my cell phone made it look like I was further away.

I also got a nice view of the Southern tip of Manhattan.

A very nice day, and I think I spent a total of $10, $5 for the subway ride there and home and $5 for the hot dogs.  The tour and SI Ferry were both free.


  1. It looks like you had a great day! I love your pictures. It was so rainy I'm sticking you in my reader in case we get to go back to New York in the future. We were there in May (we had rain, rain and more rain) I feel like I have a lot of unfinished business ; )

  2. I did have an awesome day! I'm sorry it rained so much when you were here last, I love being outdoors here so much. You should look kito visiting one of the MANY playgrounds in NYC. There are at least 5 in Central Park alone!! Good luck with your next trip!!