The Brooklyn Bridge

Last Friday I visited the Brooklyn Bridge.  I walked across 1/2 of it, from Brooklyn to the middle.  I had no idea the construction was going to block my views for the most part, but when I got to the middle I was rewarded with a larger area to walk around and take pictures.

I lie.  The pics in this post are actually taken by my 15 year old.  She is getting into photography, and practicing a lot.  Anyway, here are some of the shots she got:

In researching for this, I found out a few interesting facts about the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was one of the first suspension bridges.  It was completed in 1883, connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn.  It was the first steel-wire suspension bridge and for the first 20 years, it was the world's longest until 1903, when the Williamsburg Bridge opened. 

Recent construction on the bridge started late August 2010, and is slated to go on until 2014.  The bridge is getting a new coat of paint, extra lanes on ramps, and some rotting sections of pavement are being replaced.  I will be going back once the construction is done.

Lady Liberty

The Verrazano Bridge (connecting South Brooklyn and Staten Island)

I highly recommend doing this if you are in the NYC area, it is something that was on my bucket list, and I have walked all the way across once, and now 1/2 way once.  Wear comfortable shoes!

A great article about the do's and dont's of crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, and tips is found here.

More pics at the Unseen NYC Facebook Page here.

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  1. Pretty good for a 15 y/o photographer.

  2. Wow this is a really great photo of the Brooklyn Bride. Though I reside in Midtown I have yet to walk the Brooklyn Bridge! I suppose I must add this to my bucket list as well since its an opportunity that should not be missed! Thanks for posting such wonderful pictures!