Greenwood Cemetary

     Last Thursday, I went to John's DeliRather than sit in the restaurant, since it was a beautiful day outside, my friend and I went to Green-Wood CemeteryIt was a beautiful crisp fall day, and the cemetery turned out to be more like a park than a place where dead people are buried.  We drove around, and took some pictures.  Beautiful foliage this time of year.  This cemetery is also a beautiful park, with beautiful trees, winding paths and rolling hills. 
     Now we drove, it made it easier to take pictures, and see more in less time.  Speaking of pictures...

Tons more pictures that I took are on the Unseen NYC Facebook Page...


  1. I know it creeps some people out but the cemetery is a peaceful place. I'm looking to purchase a home and found a lovely one. If it wasn't outside of my price range I'd jump on it. Why am I telling you this? Because the backyard is a cemetery! If it was in my price range I'd snap it up!

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  3. @ May, it was very peaceful!!

    @Anonymous, thanks for the compliment, we try to do a good job and put what we would want to see here.

  4. Awaiting more posts!