Revisiting the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

I love this place so much that even the construction they are currently doing on nearby Eastern Parkway could not dissuade me.  I exited the Eastern Parkway subway station (took the 2) and was immediately bombarded by jackhammer noise.  I sat down to catch up on email and luckily there was not much there.

The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is 52 acres of land that was founded in 1910.  The entrance is on Eastern Parkway, between the Brooklyn Museum and the Central branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. Going from Times Square, it is about 45 minutes on the subway, but taking the 3 to Eastern Parkway.

The Cherry Esplanade is in full bloom, I am happy to report, a change from 2 years ago when we went, and only the Japanese ones were blooming.  I went by myself this year, since my little reporters were back to school, after having a little more than a week off for Spring Break.  Not as fun, but still very relaxing.  The jackhammer was even further away it seemed.

Oh, have I mentioned that all I spent today was the cost of the MetroCard for the trip ($4.50) , Tuesdays are free...Hope to see you there...These pictures are just a few.  Tons more pictures will be at our Facebook page.

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