Weekend Getaway...

     Well I managed a weekend away from the city for a change of pace, and it was a really beautiful and relaxing weekend!  Where did I go, you may be asking yourself.  My friend and I visited the town of New Paltz, and it was amazing.
     It takes about 2 hours to reach, and is a pretty nice drive, once out of the city, and in New Jersey.  Driving in the city can be a little bit stressful, so I recommend a GPS or if your phone has a GPS, use it!!  If you make a wrong turn, it will simply tell you how to get back to where you're supposed to be.
     We got in to New Paltz Saturday afternoon and went to a Stop and Shop in town to get provisions.  Then in to the cabin, and relaxing.  Sunday we went for a leisurely drive and got some amazing pictures.

This picture of the Mohonk Mountain House  reminded me so much of Dirty Dancing, and the resorts in the Catskill Mountians.  This is actually technically IN the Catskill Mountains.  Which would explain the resemblance.  Dirty Dancing was set in the Catskills, but actually filmed at Mountain Lake in Virginia and at Lake Lure in North Carolina.

Sunday's drive was amazing, and I got some really nice pictures, you can see more at the Facebook page for Unseen NYC.

New Paltz is a great little town for a weekend getaway, or even a week away.  Still close to the city, but far away enough.  Really recharged my batteries!

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  1. Great pics! Would love to visit. Thanks for sharing!