Staten Island Ferry Redux

Many of you are saying wait a minute.  She has been here before.  You are right, but I never took pictures of the other side of the ferry.  You know, where Brooklyn is.  So I went recently, and took some. Today's post is mostly pictures.

Way in the back is the Verrazano Bridge, to the left is Brooklyn, and to the right is Staten Island.

The tall building there is the Williamsburg Bank Building, which is right by the Atlantic Ave Subway Station.  I actually have some closer up pics of this building that I will be posting next week.

I was glad to have a very beautiful clear day.  The breeze on the ferry was nice, and on the way to Staten Island I sat on the Brooklyn side, and the way back, was rewarded with the Statue of Liberty being closer.

I managed to get some shots of the Brooklyn and the Manhattan Bridges from the ferry.

This was taken from Staten Island, some tall grass with 1 World Trade Center in the background.

I also got the picture of the other SI Ferry running that day.

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  1. The 1960 era ferrys were nicer, in that the middle level deck was open on both sides, from "stem to stern". made for good walking exercising, and great "people watching".