Union Square Market

We visited the Union Square Market today, and had a really nice afternoon.  There were a lot of booths there, and some really friendly people, both manning the booths, and meandering around.

 There were so many different kinds of booths, and it changes daily, I have since found out.  The Market is there every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and here is where you can find out more.  They are on Twitter and Facebook, and have activities throughout the day.  There is compost recycling available, and cell phone recycling also.

A special treat while we were there, Toni Senecal was there.  She is the host of Toni On! New York.  I love her show!  They were taping for a future show, so I'll have to keep an eye out for it. 


There is an EBT (Foodstamps) station there to see if you may qualify every other Wednesday from 10am to 3pm.  EBT is accepted at this and many other farmer's Markets in NYC.

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