Queens Museum of Art

Today I went to the Queens Museum of Art with a friend. I was very interested in seeing the Panorama of New York.  I have heard about it and seen pictures. It was time to get up there and check it out. It was a lot bigger than I thought, and a nice day trip.

There is more around that small area, which is Flushing Meadows Corona Park.  The Unisphere is there, along with the other buildings from the World's Fair.  In the museum, there is a section with World's Fair Memorabilia.  There is also the Queens Zoo, which I posted about some time ago. It took some time to get there but for someone in Times Square, it should take one subway (the 7 train) and about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes to get there. You get off at the Mets Stadium stop, and it is a bit of a walk, I'm sure shorter than the one we took today.  I managed to get turned around, so we got some exercise to say the least.  We spent some time sitting in front of the Unisphere, and got some shots of it, along with some skaters that use the area for hanging out.

After the shots of the Unisphere, we headed in to the Museum.  We went around the corner to the North Entrance, paid the $8.00 entrance fee and were on our way.  I was surprised at the size. I thought there would be more, but the Panorama made up for it.  I was honestly able to say we could not see my apartment building in the Panorama while we were there.   I also managed to get the World Trade Center, Columbus Circle, and the Chrysler Building too:

We stopped in  the gift shop and got a magnet and postcard.  Reasonable prices, but there is no place to have a nice meal.  There is a small area where they sell snacks and drinks.  After the museum we sat outside for a bit more, and figured out how to get to the subway a little more directly than how we got to the park.  We stopped for lunch at a small food stand, and had a squirrel stare at us very intently...

I got home, and relaxed a bit, and after downloading the pictures, I actually was able to find where we live, and pretty quickly too...

Here is the big view, granted it is looking south, so you see Manhattan on the right hand side, and Staten Island is on the upper right.

Also in the same general area, is Citi Field and the Billie Jean King USTA National Tennis Center and the NY Hall of Science.  The Queens Zoo is also nearby.

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