5 Things to do in NYC when it's really hot out

1. Stay Inside. That one is a no brainer. Most people, though, at some point have to go outside, whether it's going to or from work, or actually working in the outdoors. Tourists have the choice of deciding where to go and the best thing to do is go to a museum, see a show, shop, anything indoors.

This guy has the right idea!

2.  If you must be outside, I highly recommend one of the parks in NYC that have sprinklers, they are not like your mom's sprinklers!! Obviously this one is great for the little ones, since all of the playgrounds in the city have a rule that you can't be in the playground area without a kid. So, if you have a kid or two, bring them to a playground that has the sprinklers, and they will be thrilled! The NYC parks Website has a site here to search for parks with water features, you have to know the zip code of where you are staying though.

3. Ice cream is another great way to cool off, and with tons of bodegas in the city carrying ice cream, you can find it around any corner, places like Coldstone and Carvel, Frozen Yogurt places, Italian Ice places or you can always wait for..

4. Apparently the ladies can wear some heavy metal chains, as the metal will soak up the heat. Never heard of this one. Another great tip...put your lotion in the fridge.  I did this once after a particularly bad sunburn, and boy was it a godsend!

5. Last but not least, HYDRATE.  Drink so much water that you feel like you will float away.

Share in the comments the different ways you cool of in the summertime heat!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! SInce I am visiting New York City this summer, I definitely want to take in as much of the city as possible. One of the things that I am doing while in the city is going on New York bus tours so that I have an opportunity to see a lot of the city for myself without having to walk around or get lost that much, in addition to being pretty cool since I'll be inside of a bus a lot of the time.