Broadway at Bryant Park

This past Thursday, August 8, we went to Bryant Park today around lunchtime, and got to see some very cool Broadway songs, performed by the actors and actresses.  We were there for the Annie and Wicked performances, but they also had The Fantastiks and Cougar: The Musical there.
I got some pictures,  and this I found on YouTube: Video is here. For some reason I cannot embed the video in my post.

Before I post the pictures I took, there is one more next Thursday, with Motown the Musical, Once, Mamma Mia, and Forever Tango. It is from 12:30 to 1:30.  There is more info here. Best part about today: Totally free. You all know how much I LOVE totally Free.

The Fantasticks

Cougars: The Musical

Radio DJ Delilah



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