The Unisphere and the Queens Zoo

Otherwise known as "The zoo is just up here!  I swear!"

My plan was to go to Queens to see the Unisphere, and bump around the park a little.  We ended up doing this, and so much more.  We hung out and got some really good pictures of the Unisphere:

Then, we look at a map to see what else is in the area.  There is a lot!  There is the Citi Field, the Billie Jean King USTA National Tennis Center, the Queens Museum of Art,  and the NY Hall of Science.  This park is HUGE.

We did a lot of walking and got a little um lost before finding the Zoo, but that's only because I had no plans to go to the Zoo, it was a last minute addition.  As my lovely assistant (intern) said, Why not go?  It's right here!!  So we went.  After finding it, there was 2 different sections. One for domestic animals, cows, horses, sheep, llamas, bunnies, and one animal that I'm still not sure what it was.  It looked like a hybrid.

Then we went to see the undomesticated animals.  The Wild Side.  We saw pumas, and sea lions, and bears.  Oh my.  The bears were enjoying their Valentine's Day!  Let's just say they were NOT hibernating!

The puma was right next to the glass, so we got a lot of amazing pictures.

The other one was resting in the shade:

We also went into the aviary, an enclosed structure that was amazing.  It was a mini Epcot Center shape:

There were a few species, one really noisy bunch pictured here:

We also got to see the sea lions being fed.  There were three of them, all very cheeky.

The food area (for humans) was not that great.  It was a total of 10 (I think) vending machines.  There was one that gave hot kosher food, so points for that.  There was also one souvenir one with little stuffed animals in it, 3 for drinks, 2 for snacks and 2 for ice cream. I think that was all of them.  It is all in the circular building across from the sea lion area.

We also saw 2 coyotes, one who was hiding until it heard us:

You can see more pictures at the Unseen NYC Facebook page.  Become a fan if you aren't yet.

We had a really fun time, did a lot of walking, and I highly recommend going on a weekday, it was practically empty.  We spent $8 each for adult tickets.  More information can be found at the Queens Zoo.

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