Gracie Mansion

Archibald Gracie had this residence built in 1799, overlooking the area where the Long Island Sound, the East River, and the Spuyten Duyvil Creek converge.

Gracie Mansion has been the official residence of the NYC mayor since 1942 when Fiorello LaGuardia was the first mayor to live there.  Of course, Michael Bloomberg chose not to there since he became mayor in 2002. 10 mayors total have occupied the upper floor, with the first floor being public space.

Before being the mayors residence, it was interesting to learn that it had been used as a concession stand and restrooms for the Carl Schurtz Park, a park still surrounding the Mansion.

Visiting dignitaries have stayed here, such as First Lady Rosalynn Carter and South African President Nelson Mandela. The building was expanded in 1966 with the addition of the Susan Wagner Wing.  She was the wife of mayor Robert Wagner ('54-'65). 

In addition to the numerous civic and community events held here throughout the year hosted by Gracie Mansion and the City, Tours and events are offered year-round. For more information, visit here.

*Any indoor pictures were found on the internet, since no photography is allowed indoors.

The floors in the foyer look like marble, but are actually wood made to look like marble, and even standing on it, it was hard to tell.

The first room we walk into after the foyer was this room, the parlor.  It is fitted with a TV and phones, and like much of the decor, is in the Federal style, and very symmetrical.

This room was right across from the blue room, and also where the "Yule Log" video was taped, when the fireplaces were actually working.

This room is also symmetrical, and we were told the convex mirror over the fireplace, as well as the candles and crystals of the chandelier were specifically for the extra light that it would throw.

The dining room table is a reproduction, since it is used so much.  It expands to fit 24 people.

Gracie Mansion is located at 87th Street and East End Avenue in Manhattan.

Pictures I took of the outside can be found here.


  1. Love this sneak peak inside the mansion, thanks! It really feels like you are being transported back in time, I love the elegant feeling:-) Are reservations for a tour easy to make?

  2. I just emailed them at If you are in the city, you can also call 311. Very easy, and only $7! Thanks Jess!!