Christmas time in NYC

From Macy's 2011 windows

 Who can talk about Christmastime in NYC without mentioning The Rockefeller Tree, and the windows all decorated for the holidays?

The Rockefeller Tree arrived this year on November 14, and the tree lighting will be taking place on November 28, Wednesday, from about 7 to 9 pm,with live and taped performances.  Rockefeller Plaza is located between W 48th Street and W 51st Street, and 5th Avenue and 6th Avenues. 

from here
The windows this year all sound very magical, as usual.

**- Not shown on map below

Lord & Taylor and Macy's are a bit out of the way, but the others could be done pretty easy, it's a 5 block West to East, and 12 block North to South block.  I recommend going for all of the Northern ones, then a little bit south to Rockefeller Center to see the tree.  Then hit a Starbucks for some Hot Chocolate. It is the quintessential NYC Christmas.

Next week, the Brooklyn Christmas...

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