Unseen in Midtown...The Morgan Library and Museum

 In the heart of midtown at 36th Street and Madison Avenue, The Morgan Library and Museum is a beautiful needle in the busy haystack in Midtown.  It was founded in 1906 to house the private library of J.P. Morgan. Today, it serves as a scholarly research center and museum. There is Morgan's study, a librarian's office, his library, and 2 or 3 galleries (where no photos were allowed.) This picture is of the three story library, where included in his collection is 3 Gutenberg Bibles.

I want to live here...

Beethoven sheet music

Closeup of the bookcases

One of three Gutenberg Bibles in the library


Closeup of the mantle piece in the Librarian's Office

Cast of George Washington

The galleries were amazing.  I wish I could have posted pictures in there! The Drawing Surrealism Exhibit is "Sensational!" according to the New York Times. Their website has all of the info to visit them, it costs $15 for an adult ticket. Worth the money!

More pictures from my visit can be found on my Facebook page.

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  1. This place is gorgeous! I love a stately library, and the Morgan never disappoints...I feel like I'm in the musical Beauty and the Beast when I go in!