New York City with kids

This week will focus on kids and NYC, since I know a lot of families visit, and it can be hard figuring out where the kids fit in, and what to do that they will enjoy.  There is actually a lot to do, the first, most obvious being the 843 acre urban oasis in the middle of Manhattan, Central Park. Within the park, besides 7 bodies of water, 250 acres of lawns, and 80 acres of woodlands there is also the Central Park Zoo, and many playgrounds, a total of 21 of them...

 Dylan's Candy Bar is a great place for the kids, and for adults too!  I love this place and never pass up the chance to go when I am nearby. The stairs going down actually have candy IN them.

They have candies that you thought you would never see again, stuff you remember from when you were a kid.  Of course, they have candy by the pound, too, my favorite part of the whole store, and they have a really neat section with boxes and each one is labeled with a celebrity, and in the box is their favorite candy.

FAO Schwartz would be a good next stop, but I much prefer Toy's R Us in Times Square. Yes, Times Square is more crowded, but FAO, I think, is just "ehh, ok" whearas Toys R Us is "wow!" Their displays are always changing, so it is always new!

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention NYC with kids from Frommers. A great guide to NYC with kids, plus Time Out New York for Kids is also a great resource. There is also a tab up top of this page devoted to NYC with kids.  If you have any questions or concerns, email me and I will see if I can help!!

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